image of Alvaro Ugalde climbing hill

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Photos 2000-2015

First year at Nectandra Institute

Founders of the Nectandra Project
Alvaro, E. Lennette, A. Jarquin, D. Lennette

Alvaro, Steve Aronson, Mario Boza, Michael Kaye

Nectandra Project Team

Alvaro inspecting La Palmita Headwaters

Nectandra Institute signing ceremony with CONAGEBIO
(National Commission on Biodiversity Management Systems)
P Leon, Alvaro, E Lennette, A Lorena, A Jarquin, M Jimenez

Alvaro happily inspecting regenerating Guanacaste forest

Alvaro accompanied by Park Service personnel during tree dedication ceremony in his honor by Osa Conservation

M Spesny, Alvaro with honorary degree

Alvaro with Liliana Madrigal

Winnie Hallwachs, Alvaro, Dan Janzen, Liliana Madrigal

Alvaro and Nectandra Institute community partners inspecting a freshwater spring tap

Alvaro and the Nectandra Institute team in Santa Rosa National Park